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Northern Territory

Ready to check out the best mountains in Northern Territory to visit on your next vacation, weekend getaway, or other travel adventure? WYLD has the details on thousands of mountains and other wild locations around Australia. From secluded waterfalls to breath-taking lookouts, discover hand-curated travel destinations, along with reviews and photos from nature lovers like you. No matter what you're looking for, you can find a diverse range of the best mountains in Northern Territory to suit your needs. Check out one of the hundreds of dog-friendly camp sites. Explore nearby kayaking, swimming, and snorkelling locations. Find your next outdoor adventure and unlock exclusive features on our new mobile app!

Top Mountains in Northern Territory

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Macdonnell Ranges

Northern Territory, Australia

The Macdonnell Ranges are a spectacular sight in the Northern Territory. Located in Hugh, they are a series of mountains and gorges that stretch for hundreds of kilometres. The area is a popular destination for hikers and campers, with plenty of trails to explore. The landsc... See more

Jessie Gap

Northern Territory, Australia

Jessie Gap is a stunning natural wonder located in Hale, Northern Territory. It is a popular destination for locals and tourists alike, offering a unique insight into the region's history and culture. The area is easily accessible, with a well-maintained road leading to the ... See more

Mount Gillen

Northern Territory, Australia

Mount Gillen is a stunning peak located in the Northern Territory of Australia. It is a popular destination for hikers and adventurers looking for a challenge. The peak offers spectacular views of the surrounding landscape and is easily accessible from Alice Springs. The hi... See more

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